LDI Postponed until further notice

In breaking news, Penton Media has cancelled LDI this year as a result of the show being sold to foreign buyers. The Yee family from Guangzhou China has purchased the show in trade for a small stake in a factory making LED Urinal lamps.

The Yee family registered several patents on LED Urinal lamps in 2006 when it was determined that the LED’s improved their aim by 35% and saved 27 seconds on each bathroom break. Over the period of a year, the Yee’s calculated a per employee savings of 7.6 hours or $16.52 USD. While this may not seem like much, it has allowed the Yee’s to increase their productivity and raise profitability by 6% over prior years.LDI

LDI has been running for 21 consecutive years starting in Dallas November 1988. According to an anonymous source at Penton, It was time to move on. “Everyone know’s we’re milking it at this point, and the show is half as good as it used to be. Face it – we stink”. While we agree that some past shows were quite excellent, the parties entertaining, and the overall quality of the show seemed higher back in the day, you gotta admit – it’s still fun!

From China, company founder Wii Yee had this to say; “We are very impressed by LDI’s ability to make so much money with so few exhibitors and also really stick it to the companies who are most loyal. Here at Yee Pee Industries, we appreciate this ability to  stretch a dollar over as many dead bodies as possible”.

In place of LDI, Yee Pee Industries has staged a massive demonstration of drunk people who Yee will strategically place in positions throughout the Peabody Lobby Bar on the evenings of November 19th, 20th and 21st. Using these drunk people, and specially mounted video cameras in the Peabody’s urinals, Yee Pee will prove once and for all that not only do these LED Urinals improve aim, but a couple of Urban Legends will certainly drop as well.

Stay tuned for more information concerning LDI 2009. You’re man on the scene…





  1. LED follower said

    Thanks for the first “timely” report I’ll have time to cancel my hotel room and not cost me a cancelation fee. Top Man.

    • LED follower said

      Awesome I’ll make sure I check in on a regular basis. We need somewhere to find out what’s REALLY happening out there.

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