Record Breaking LED Lamp Revealed

Today, our friends at LED Source reveal a new LED Lamp with unprecedented spec’s. The New Illudium Q-36 ESM lamp. Shown here installing one in our office, LouMan had this to say.

LouMan on Ladder

LouMan installs another Illudium Q-36

“I am completely in love with this new Illudium Q-36 ESM lamp. In fact, Incandescent and Fluorescent lighting are very wasteful, and waste makes me very angry, very angry indeed. I am certain that once the world sees this new technology, especially our competitors in the Fluorescent and Incandescent worlds  there will most certainly be an earth-shattering kaboom!”

This record setting lamp carries an efficacy rating of 2,000,000 lumens per watt and using only 7 watts, produces an astonishing 14,000,000 lumens. The company has run several independent tests in their own office using the cheapest possible light meters, and can 100% confirm these findings.

The Q-36 will begin shipping in 2014 just in time for the phase out of Incandescent lighting technology. By that time, the company feels like it’ll be able to actually make good on these crazy claims, and deliver a lamp with these spec’s, once again measured CAREFULLY on our highest quality $9.99 iPhone app Light Meter. “We hope to make our own version of earth-shattering kaboom with the release of this technology” says an insider at LED Source.

To get your own Illudium Q-36 ESM lamp please contact LED source. In fact, Timm Stifter in our sales department is an expert on the technology, and will be happy to discuss it with you until the cows come home!

For more information on LED Source product launches, remember to keep your eyes peeled on Your source for a whole ton of useless, nonsensical information!

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  1. LED follower said

    Wow that sounds great, will you be showing them at Lightfair Next Year. I only go to the Vegas Event, I hate NY.

    • louman2 said

      Due to strict government regulations, Non Disclosure Agreements, and concerns over the well-being of anyone who might see this lamp – we’re very careful about who we show it to. In fact, to date – NO ONE has seen it.

      • LED follower said

        I guess that’s why your having to wear those special LouMan Specs. Which are pretty cool by the way, can I get those on your website.

  2. Timm said

    Yes, looking forward to speaking to everyone about this FANTASTIC new product.

    • louman2 said

      And everyone is looking forward to speaking with YOU as well Timm!!

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