Elvis Sighting in Orlando

Breaking news: Yesterday, in Orlando Florida, the King himself was absolutely positively identified coming out of hiding.

Yes, Elvis was spotted exiting a Taxi at the Rosen Center hotel, then again throughout the night, made sneak appearances at both the Rosen and Peabody Bars.

One bartender who’s name was held for privacy purposes said “I couldn’t believe it when I first saw Elvis appear at my bar. I remember the last time I saw him – and it was at this very bar exactly 2 years ago. It’s an unbelievable coincidence to see him here again!”.

One bar patron who was lucky enough to be on the scene said “That Elvis is quite a card” which tells us that many laughs were had by all.

It has been suggested that an Elvis appearance in the old days would pack any venue. Nothing has changed in that department as witnesses remarked “It was really incredible. As soon as Elvis appeared, the bar was packed. The strange thing was that it was mostly degenerates who we don’t expect to see in this type of establishment most nights”.

We were able to track down Elvis’s handler who promised “Elvis will return to several drinking establishments in the area over the next few nights and I promise to bring smiles to all who join him!

In related news, LED Source Client and UK partner, Gordon Addison has also been seen roaming the halls of the Rosen and Peabody bars. Coincidence?

That’s all for now from the LouMan Newsroom in Sunny West Palm Beach, FL.



  1. LED follower said

    I’m soooo glad you reported this, for a while now I’ve been thinking that too much Corona was the reason for seeing Elvis sat at the Bar. For the last few years I’ve visited LDI in both Orlando and Vegas and stood in awe as “Elvis” has been ordering HUGE amounts of drinks, for anyone who’d talk to him. Now it’s confirmed I can sleep a little better, especially if he’s buying the beer.

    FYI I did hear one story where he ate a 52oz Steak and had dessert. Guess that’s the reason the outfit is a little tight.

    • louman2 said

      Yes – I am told many similar stories exist, and likely a few more will be made in the coming days unless Elvis runs out of steam and decides to stay in the hotel. Not likely, but stranger things have happened.

  2. LED follower said

    Well I’ll be in town later this evening so if I bump into him, I won’t worry about telling anyone that ” Elvis in the building.”

  3. LouMan Groupie 1 said

    Elvis with a cameltoe… internet gold!

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