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“Those Cree LED’s are Crap” says Frozen Man

Today in South Florida, news networks interviewed a French Canadian man Frozen in a Hallandale Beach apartment due to the frigid temperatures lurking in Florida for more than a week now.

The man who is here for his annual Snow Bird days in Hallandale said “I’ve never felt so cold before in my life. It’s something with these lights…. they are magic lights and don’t seem to generate enough heat to warm my home”.

It was later discovered the man’s Condo was recently renovated by its owner and the lighting was replaced with Energy Saving Cree LR6 LED’s. A side “benefit” of the LED’s is the fact that they do not generate heat and in typical Florida conditions, the LED’s will save on energy costs.

“I didn’t know what was going on with these lights. They don’t even feel like they are on. I hate these LED lights” said Jean Pierre Claude from Montreal Canada. “How am I supposed to stay warm”?

Cree is currently working on the new LR6 FV. This model will use small incandescent warmers and micro fan technology to please those people who want their lights hot!

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