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Obama Gives speech to LED Source Franchises!

President Obama took time from his busy schedule to pop in on LED Source and speak to incoming Franchisees on the economy and small business. Specifically, Obama wanted to discuss the benefits of Franchising and it’s part in the recovery of this nation.

“To each of you, I say this. By starting an LED Source franchise, you are serving this great nation very well. Selling LED lighting, you’ll be making so damn much money, I get to take a whole bunch plus, you make me look great cuz you’re distributing efficient lighting to the masses.Without you, my story I’ve been pitching to the voters would be nonsense. But now that you’re here, people can actually get this stuff!

Hey People - Here's why LED Source Works!

So Thank you LED Source franchisees. Thank you for your enthusiasm, your drive, your entrepreneurial commitment, but most of all, thank you for helping me chip away at this massive debt I’ve created with your new tax dollars!”.

The president followed up his speech with a lesson on the chalkboard. He outlined the LED Source franchise system, the company’s end customers, suppliers and then tried to make sense of the nation’s energy Utilities. “These guys over here have all the energy, but these guys over here are doing everything they can by offering all these fancy lights to reduce the consumption so our world doesn’t fall apartĀ  – but then these guys are making billions of dollars so we want them to give some back to these customers over here…. well – you know what I mean”. We could only conclude that the president is looking for Utilities to offer rebates to buyers of energy efficient lighting, in particular, LED.

In related news, the fed’s have just approved a Gazzillion dollar stimulus package aimed at rescuing the recorded music industry. “these companies have taken a beating from all this fancy new technology in the past few years and without the record business, our country and our economy is in great danger of completely crashing. Think about all the 90 year old people. How will they get their music? Something has got to be done. Our government is not going to sit back and watch this happen. We’ve got to act swiftly to save music for our nation’s 90 year olds!” LouMan News rushed cameras out to a local retirement home and interrupted the weekly lawn darts game to discuss this issue. We asked 92 year old Wilbur Smith “Are you enthusiastic that the president is finally doing something to save music for your age group” and Wilbur answered “I don’t need no stinkin record companies, I just downloaded the entire Glenn Miller Orchestra catalog from Limewire on my MAC book Pro then pushed it over to my iPod Touch where I use a killer new App to create playlists for my homies. Now get outta my way, it’s my toss”.

Once again, thank you for following LouMan News.


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