About LouMan News

LouMan is the mascot, and genuinely fun guy (not Funghi) over here at LED Source. LEDsource Louman logo No BackgroundNot only is LouMan part of our company logo, he’s a big part also of our company culture. You’ll find LouMan on our shirts, hats, coffee mugs, boxes, and most importantly, on our front door when you walk in.

So what does LouMan know about the news? You might have guessed… absolutely Nothing! What LouMan does know is how to make a mess of the news. I think you’ll find his frequent ramblings to be very un-newsworthy, but quite enjoyable and also, unfortunately – typically Un-true!

In case you just fell off a turnip truck, and don’t know who LouMan works for, LED Source is a leading distributor of all things related to LED Lighting. What’s LED lighting you ask? Sorry… I am quite sure you’re too far gone, and we can’t help you. For those of you less challenged, you know that LED Lighting is the most efficient, earth friendly and least maintenance needy lighting source currently known to mankind.

At LED Source, we take pride in locating great LED Lighting products, cleaning them up, repackaging them in our boxes, marking them up a ridiculous amount, then passing them off to our unknowing, unsuspecting customers. Oh… I am just kidding.. Our clients KNOW we’re marking this stuff up a ridiculous amount! Ohhhh I am just playin with ya. We barely make enough to eat. That’s why our owners are an overweight Canuck and a chubby Brit!

Anyway, all that stuff aside, I truly hope you find fun in all of this. LouMan is not much of a writer, but he knows news. Read a few of his posts, and I am sure you’ll agree.

Bye for now…. from the newsroom at LouMan News.


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