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Industry Sales Executive discovers “suspect individual” hiding in Cab

Last weekend in Orlando FL, Brandon Siemion, Sales Director for Philips CK, was surprised by a discovery made while taking a taxi. Mr Siemion was in the taxi with partners from LED Source during LDI when he spotted someone laying in the back seat of the MiniVan Taxi run by a lovely lady called “Star”. The photo taken below was following a long struggle and with the intruder safely in handcuffs. Brandon wanted to remind everyone “this is big, REALLY big…”.

Later, Brandon said “I had no idea what was going on. I was afraid for the safety of my customer, so I did what any macho self-righteous sales director would do, and took matters into my own hands!”. Mr Siemion wrestled the subject to the floor using a combination of Martial Arts, and drunk street fighting techniques… plus a little Hair Pulling. “He put up quite a fight, but in the end I was able to over power the perpetrator with my shear strength and determination to control the situation” said Mr Big, Brandon Siemion.

Later, under interrogation from local authorities, when asked why he was so angry, Brandon responded “You just don’t understand. I am completely disgusted by what I saw. The Chinese LED products lighting this taxi were so frightening I just couldn’t stand it!!!”.

Once again, LouMan News was there to get the story… and remains the man on the scene.

Love, LouMan!


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